Farming Africa Successfully

farm planning new farming project agricultural consultingWe are a team of farmers, nutritionists, engineers, milk machine experts and land surveyors who specialise in the following:

• Design and construction of agricultural ventures.
• Feasability studies.
• Sourcing and delivery of agricultural equipment from grain storage to mills, tractors and implements, milking equipment, artificial   insemination equipment, seed, fertiliser or anything a farm may require, we make sure that our clients are getting a fair price with whatever they require.
• Livestock sourcing, selection and transport.
• Training in all aspects of agriculture.
• Project management.
• Business plans and projected cash flow graphs.
• Land and crop surveys with our state of the art drone technology.
• Mapping and aerial photography of land.

cow shed dairy feeding agricultural consulting We at Derrylin Agricultural Services provide consulting services to the large commercial farming enterprises and we also have experience in small scale farming and community development projects.
With regards to development in Africa we stand on the old saying, “Don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to fish.”
This is where we come in and plan, develop and train emerging farmers or plan community projects that will benefit a community for generations to come.
Our team consists of experienced persons in the agricultural sector and we are all born in Africa with a vision for farming in Africa.
We believe this is an important part of who we are as we understand our continent and we have all worked with success on a large variety of different agricultural developments and farming projects in many areas and countries throughout Africa.
If you have an existing farm and you require assistance or are looking to expand your farm, or if you wish to enter the agricultural arena as an investor and want to be confident of your return on capital, we are the team for you.
Whether you are an NGO looking to aid communities in Africa, a government department aiding emerging farmers, a private business that helps develop communities in Africa or a cooperative farm, we would love to help you establish your agricultural development or farming project and we endeavour to provide the best advice and service to set you on the path to a successful operation.



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